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  • 68mm Ctenanthe Amabilis
  • 68mm Ctenanthe Amabilis
68mm Ctenanthe Amabilis

68mm Ctenanthe Amabilis

Common Name: Never Never Plant

Availabilty: In Stock

Please note: Our 68 mm pots are larger than our 42mm tubes, and therefore incur a different shipping rate. 1- 10 plants is $16.50 shipping. 11 plants to an order value of $199 is $30. Orders $200 and over qualify for free shipping.

The Ctenanthe Amabilis is a striking evergreen perennial cultivar with truly stunning foliage in shades of purple, green and silver. The silvery-green faces of the large foliage bear a dainty and eye catching herringbone pattern, while the undersides are a stunning deep purple tone. Pretty leaves respond to the time of day, the deep purple undersides on display at dusk and in the evening, while the pretty patterned faces reveal themselves during the day.

Prized for indoor gardening, this statement houseplant purifies air indoors, and even prefers lower light areas while inside (just take our money already)! Growing up to 300mm tall and wide depending on environment, this Ctenanthe variety has more oval shaped foliage and prefer to be situated in a medium to high humidity environment. Allow the plant to dry out slightly between watering.

Hardy, easy to grow and low maintenance the 'Never Never Plant' is perfect for container planting, shaded areas of the garden, under planting taller shrubs as a ground-cover, patio gardening, or as a striking indoor specimen.

Hardy to humidity; frost, wind and drought sensitive. Moist, well drained soils. Dappled to full shade, prefers sheltered location.

Slightly poisonous, keep out of reach of children. 


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