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  • 68mm Peperomia obtusifolia Albo-marginata
  • 68mm Peperomia obtusifolia Albo-marginata
68mm Peperomia obtusifolia Albo-marginata

68mm Peperomia obtusifolia Albo-marginata

Common Name: Baby Rubber Plant, American Rubber Plant, Pepper Face Plant

Availabilty: In Stock

Please note: Our 68 mm pots are larger than our 42mm tubes, and therefore incur a different shipping rate. 1- 10 plants is $16.50 shipping. 11 plants to an order value of $199 is $30. Orders $200 and over qualify for free shipping.

The stunning Pepper Face Plant is a truly gorgeous evergreen, boasting striking variegated foliage in peppered creamy yellows and emerald green tones. The fleshy, blunt leafed foliage is often mistaken as a succulent due to her thick leaves storing water (less watering!).

This favourite of interior designers offers incredible colour contrast indoors or out, and divinely low-care requirements. Peperomia varieties are famously low-maintenance, even thriving on a bit of neglect (or a lot, depending on your style). A little extra TLC can encourage the small, white flowers to appear spring-autumn.

Growing approximately 250mm - 400 mm tall, this little baby has a bushy growth habit and is hardy to boot. She is gorgeous potted up in containers, kept on patios, grown inside or in mixed beds. She doesn't technically trail, but many enjoy utilising her climbing or creeping habit to beautiful result in hanging baskets. 

Pinch tips to encourage or control growth, and her small root system means you never have to re-pot her. Keep in a bright environment to maintain vivid colouring, but she prefers part shade to bright, full shade outdoors. If growing indoors, she prefers bright, filtered sunlight and only occasional watering (when the soil is dried out - hey, we told she was low-care!). 

Highly tolerant to humidity. Frost sensitive. Well drained soils. Part to full shade when outdoors, or bright filtered sunlight indoors.


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