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  • 68mm Philodendron Imbe
  • 68mm Philodendron Imbe
  • 68mm Philodendron Imbe
  • 68mm Philodendron Imbe
68mm Philodendron Imbe

68mm Philodendron Imbe

Common Name: Imbe Philodendron

Availabilty: In Stock

Please note: Our 68 mm pots are larger than our 42mm tubes, and therefore incur a different shipping rate. 1- 10 plants is $16.50 shipping. 11 plants to an order value of $199 is $30. Orders $200 and over qualify for free shipping.

Be still my beating heart, indoor plant lovers- this one is for you! The Philodendron Imbe is an adaptive and low maintenance plant that loves to climb and add a touch of green to your indoor space. 

The striking evergreen has large bright green, elongated heart-shaped foliage as well as long aerial roots throughout. These abundant beauties can grow up to approx. 5m in height, making it a great indoor statement plant! They are best suited in a warmer position with indirect sunlight however they will continue to grow in lower light conditions - they will just be a bit slower.

Traditionally found in tropical environments, the Imbe thrives in humid environments and can be misted occasionally to keep them happy. Although they like warmer climates, their adaptive nature allows them to still thrive in indoor air and mildly cooler temperatures. Water them when the soil is dry half way down the pot and a little less throughout winter.

It is best to keep this happy plant away from pets and children as it can be toxic if consumed.

Low maintenance. Climbing plant. Humidity tolerant. Most well drained soils. Bright indirect light to low light.


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