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  • 68mm Syngonium White Butterfly
  • 68mm Syngonium White Butterfly
68mm Syngonium White Butterfly

68mm Syngonium White Butterfly

Common Name: Arrowhead Vine, Arrowhead Plant, African Evergreen, Goose's Foot, Arrowhead Philodendron, White Butterfly

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Please note: Our 68 mm pots are larger than our 42mm tubes, and therefore incur a different shipping rate. 1- 10 plants is $16.50 shipping. 11 plants to an order value of $199 is $30. Orders $200 and over qualify for free shipping.

The very popular Arrowhead Vine is a sought after evergreen climbing vine, that is prized as a house plant. This simple and elegant houseplant variety is ranked in the top 50 housplants that can clean the air. Incredibly versatile, this fast grower can be a groundcover, trailing/climbing vine or an attractive potted specimen. Beautiful variegated leaves are mottled with cream and green tones in varying patterns, depending on the light.

This variety can handle more light than traditional Syngonium varieties, preferring bright indoor light. This lover of humidity and warmth is shy of direct sunlight, but loves indirect light. Requiring a moist base to do her best, she can be planted out in damp, sheltered ares of the garden, but she is sensitive to frost, which is why most prefer to keep this pretty girl inside and close. Wipe dusty leaves with a damp cloth to keep your Arrowhead in the best condition, and give an occasional prune to keep from getting too leggy or flat on top.

Growing up to 1.8 metres tall when given a trellis, however this climber needs a framework, and without one won't grow very tall. This enthusiastic climber can be a busy and compact table top plant, that copes well with a bit of neglect. Consider planting in a hanging pot to beautiful result, a quick establishing groundcover, for potted indoor gardening or training up a trellis indoors or out.

Fast growing, humidity tolerant, sensitive to frost. Most well drained, moist soils. Part to full shade. Prefers indirect, bright light indoors.

Slightly poisonous to animals.


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