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  • Acmena smithii
  • Acmena smithii
  • Acmena smithii
Acmena smithii

Acmena smithii

Common Name: Common Lilly Pilly or Pink Lilly Pilly

Availabilty: In Stock

Acmena smithii or the Pink Lilly Pilly, is a highly popular evergreen bearing white flowers on stems in Spring, followed by red fruits in Summer and Autumn. The pretty bright green foliage has new growth of pinks and reds, maturing to a glossy and deep green.

With a maximum growth of 6 - 14 metres, the Lilly Pilly is ideal as a medium tree, windbreak or tall hedging plant. Hedge it under 1.5 metres to retain a thick and glossy growth habitat, for the best effect, we recommend planting at around 1.5 metres apart to maintain a compact form. Drought tolerant once established, and growing easily in most soil types, the Lilly Pilly is also attractive to fruit eating birds.

Frost and wind tolerant. Most soil types; mulch in Summer. Prefers full sun.

This is a type of Australian "Bush Tucker".  The fruit of Acmena smithii varieties can be eaten raw, or can be cooked and made into jams and sauces, and even cordials and juices.  The taste is similar to Cranberries and the colour of the berries can range between white, purple and hot pink when ripe.

We apologise, but this is not available to South Australia due to quarantine restrictions.


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