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  • Acmena smithii
  • Acmena smithii
  • Acmena smithii
  • Acmena smithii
  • Acmena smithii
Acmena smithii

Acmena smithii "Allyn Magic"

Common Name: Compact Lilly Pilly

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Acmena smithii "Allyn Magic" or the Compact Lilly Pilly, as it is more commonly known, is a highly popular evergreen bearing small white flowers in Summer that are very attractive to birdlife. The pretty green foliage has rich, copper coloured new growth, maturing to a glossy bright green.

With a maximum growth of 750 mm - 1.4 m, the Compact Lilly Pilly is ideal as a small shrub, low hedge, lining informal borders or tub planting. With it's dense growth habitat it is truly ideal for a compact hedge or border and responds well to a hard pruning a few times a year. For best results we recommend spacing 800mm apart to maintain density. 

Mildly frost and wind tolerant. Most well drained soils; mulch for Summer. Full sun or partial shade.

This is a type of Australian "Bush Food" or "Bush Tucker".  The fruit of Acmena smithii varieties can be eaten raw, or can be cooked and made into jams and sauces, and even cordials and juices.  The taste is similar to Cranberries and the colour of the berries can range between white, purple and hot pink when ripe.

We apologise, but this is not available to South Australia due to quarantine restrictions.


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