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  • Agapanthus Dwarf Blue
Agapanthus Dwarf Blue

Agapanthus Dwarf Blue

Common Name: Dwarf Blue Agapanthus, African Lily, Lily of the Nile

Availabilty: In Stock

The Dwarf Blue Agapanthus is an evergreen perennial that is smaller than normal Agapanthus varieties with large hydrangea-esque globes of small, tubular blue flowers blooming throughout spring and summer. The stunning flowers are attractive to local bird and insect life, especially to butterflies! Tall, strappy, glossy-green foliage, with a gorgeously thick, clumping habit make her the perfect addition to mixed beds. Don't let the Agapanthus Blue's dainty appearance fool you though, she's much tougher than she looks, being tolerant of both dry conditions and the cold (although growth slows in those conditions).

This garden favourite is quite the show-stopper, growing up to 400 - 700 mm tall and 400 mm wide; rendering her ideal for mixed beds, contrast planting, borders, mass planting, under-planting or for use as an accent plant. Plant en masse to aid in erosion control. Low maintenance, with just a recommendation for pruning the dead heads after flowering is over to encourage new growth. You won't regret this little beauty joining your garden family!

 Hardy; Tolerant of frost, coastal conditions and drought. Most soils. Full sun to part shade. Attractive to local bird and insect life. 


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