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  • Agave geminiflora
  • Agave geminiflora
Agave geminiflora

Agave geminiflora

Common Name: Twin Flowered Agave

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Agave geminiflora or Twin Flowered Agave, as it can be more commonly known, is a striking evergreen with a pincushion growth habitat. Spikes of dark bronze coloured flowers bloom sporadically, with an amazing stalk protruding and flowering to 1.5 m once every few years. Small, insignificant bronze flowers bloom on the long stalk irregularly, but are highly attractive to bird and insect life.

Growing 500 - 900 mm, renders the Agave ideal for specimen planting or tub planting. Incredibly hardy, this showstopper thrives where other plants usually struggle to grow. The Agave is long living and hardy, with very little maintenance necessary to remain gorgeous. Native to Mexico, this guy is even tolerant of very dry climates.

Hardy; frost & wind tolerant.  Tolerant of most soils.  Full sun or part shade. 


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