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  • Ajuga reptans Purpurea
  • Ajuga reptans Purpurea
Ajuga reptans Purpurea

Ajuga reptans Purpurea

Common Name: Blue Bugle Plant

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Ajuga reptans Purpurea or the Blue Bugle Plant, as it is also known, is a stunning evergreen groundcover with green leaves and smatterings of deep purple scattered throughout the foliage. Whilst the foliage is always changing depending on the temperature and time of the year, purple flowers bloom on pretty stems standing to attention in Spring and early Summer.

Perfect for cottage gardens and colour contrast, the Blue Bugle Plant grows 150 - 300 mm. Ideal for groundcover, layering, cottage gardens, border planting or planting en masse, this sprawling perennial plant prefers a well drained soil to truly thrive, though she is tougher than she looks.

Mildly frost & wind tolerant.  Tolerant of most soils; mulch during Summer.  Full sun or part shade. 


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