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  • Alternanthera dentata
Alternanthera dentata

Alternanthera dentata

Common Name: Purple Alternanthera, Ruby leaf alternanthera, Joseph's coat, Joyweed

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The Purple Alternanthera is a striking evergreen that offers year-round coloured foliage in stunning burgundy shades. This low growing perennial has small, insignificant creamy-white flowers arriving in the summer months; however these are often pruned due to the preference of maintaining a lush, thick growth habit. A very fast grower, it serves beautifully for a thick and quick establishing groundcover.

Growing up to 1 m, it is ideal for use as borders for pathways or planted in rockeries; consider clipping to create a stunning, brightly coloured hedge. She is also perfect to utilise as a pot plant in patios, or for underplanting in landscaping as a striking groundcover.

Hardy once established - prune regularly for a compact form. Frost sensitive; sheltered position. Most soils; mulch in summer. Full sun or part shade. 



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