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  • Babingtonia virgata Minima
Babingtonia virgata Minima

Babingtonia virgata Minima

Common Name: Minima Heath Myrtle

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Evergreen to 1m. Small white flowers spring/summer. Attractive weeping foliage, tub specimen.  Hardy, frost & wind tolerant.  Most well drained, rich soils.  Full sun.  Mildly salt tolerant and can be grown as a tub or patio plant.  Some light pruning will be required to keep a compact form.  Slightly scented flowers will attract birds & insects.

This is a type of Australian "Bush Food" or "Bush Tucker". The leaves of Babingtonia virgata varieties can be used to make an aromatic tea with sedative effects, but are not edible.

This product cannot be sold into South Australia due to quarantine restrictions.


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