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  • Bougainvillea Chitra
  • Bougainvillea Chitra
Bougainvillea Chitra

Bougainvillea Chitra

Common Name: Chitra Bougainvillea

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The gorgeous Chitra Bougainvilla is an evergreen in frost free locations, with stunning clusters of striking multi-coloured papery bracts surrounding tiny, creamy white flowers. Young bracts have gold colouring, while mature flowers are truly unique in vibrant reds, bright pinks and striking whites combining to quite the spectacle. This larger variety offers deep green foliage on long, reaching branches with thorns. Don't be deterred by the thorns on her branches though, allow others to be! Bougainvilleas are popular for security purposes, training over fences, or even deterring pets or children from climbing fences. This little sun lover flowers year round in more temperate climates, and in cooler regions unleashes all her splendour in the warmer months.

This climber or rambler is massively versatile, offering many options; allow her to be a dense ground cover when left to ramble over embankments and explode in colour in mass plantings, or a huge spectacle when trained to grow up fences or trellis. Consider planting in containers for feature planting, or train this vigorous grower to establish over arches or gazebos. Utilise in topiary arrangements, hanging baskets or hedging... we told you she was versatile! End. Less. Options. When left unpruned, she can grow up to 3 metres wide and tall, however we recommend pruning after flowering to maintain your desired shape.

Frost and strong wind sensitive. Salt tolerant. Drought resistant once established. Well drained soils. Full sun.


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