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  • Brachyscome multifida
  • Brachyscome multifida
Brachyscome multifida

Brachyscome multifida

Common Name: Cut Leafed Daisy, Break O Day, Native Daisy

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The Cut Leafed Daisy is a popular flowering evergreen Australian native ground-cover that is often hard to get your hands on because it's sold out so often! Pale purple tiny 'fairy-like' daisy flowers with yellow centres appear en masse throughout most of the year, while the attractive and dainty fern-like foliage remain a stunning feature year long. (Pssst... love bees and native insects? You'll love this little guy!)

This low - maintenance, rambling groundcover serves very prettily when allowed to explore over walls and embankments, and is ideal for hanging pots and cottage gardens; and the Native Daisy is even salt tolerant, so can be utilised in coastal gardens. Growing 200 mm - 300 mm she is well suited to mass plantings and container gardening, these beauties are low maintenance and hardy to most environments. We recommend light pruning to maintain a more compact form, and to keep well mulched in the summer as she does prefer a slightly more sheltered home in the garden.

Lightly frost tolerant, salt tolerant, tender to wind. Most soils, mulch in summer. Full sun or part shade.  Attractive to local bird and insect life.


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