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  • Calliandra tweedii
  • Calliandra tweedii
Calliandra tweedii

Calliandra tweedii

Common Name: Mexican Flame Bush

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The Mexican Flame Bush as it is more commonly known (or the Calliandra tweedii for those so inclined) is a popular evergreen that grows 500-900mm tall. Unique, bright-red tassel flowers bloom in the warmer months and the foliage has a very attractive weeping habit. This is an ideal garden addition for a variance of colour, and mixes well with other plants to add interest and contrast. 

Perfect for use as a groundcover, in rockeries and the weeping foliage is simply gorgeous grown over embankments.

Mildly frost & wind tolerant.  Hardy to dry conditions. Most well drained soils; mulch in summer.  Full sun or part shade. 


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