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  • Callistemon violaceus
Callistemon violaceus

Callistemon violaceus

Common Name: Melaleuca Violaceus, Violet Bottlebrush

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The Violet Bottlebrush is a stunning evergreen known for its’ stunning violet to fuchsia bottlebrush flowers on long stems arriving in the spring. This pretty tree grows up to 2 - 4 metres tall and is highly attractive to birds and insects. Ideal for use for screening, specimen planting or hedging, and the non-invasive root systems renders it ideal for planting near buildings or walkways. 


Plant near the house for encouraging beautiful bird life, or it is a stunning addition to add colour or contrast to the garden. 


Reasonably frost & wind tolerant.  Hardy to dry conditions. Most well drained soils.  Full sun.


Not available to South Australia due to quarantine restrictions.


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