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  • Cissus antarctica
  • Cissus antarctica
Cissus antarctica

Cissus antarctica

Common Name: Kangaroo Vine

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The Cissus antarctica, or the Kangaroo Vine as it is more commonly known, is a robust evergreen climber that blooms with creamy-white flowers in the spring. Highly popular for hanging gardens, ground covers or climbers, the attractive bright green foliage is a show stopper year round. Guide up trellis for an appealing screen, or plant in a hanging container to cascade down the side of the patio.

As pretty as she is tough, the Kangaroo vine is reasonably hardy and fast growing once established, although prefers mulch during the warmer months to truly see this beauty shine.

Hardy & frost, wind tolerant. Most well drained soils; mulch while establishing and during the warmer months. Full sun or good indoor light.


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