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  • Cupressus cashmeriana
Cupressus cashmeriana

Cupressus cashmeriana

Common Name: Kashmir Cypress, Bhutan Cypress

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Cupressus cashmeriana, or the Kashmir Cypress as it can be more commonly called, is an attractive evergreen conifer with a beautiful and unique weeping habit. Stunning blue-grey toned foliage and small marble shaped cones make it a spectacular ornamental feature in the garden.

Narrowly pyramidal and growing 9 - 15 metres tall, it is incredibly wind hardy and ideally suited for windbreaks, screening and informal or formal hedging. The colourful foliage is also perfect for colour contrast and feature planting. Gracefully iconic and unique, there really isn't a comparison to the Kashmir Cypress.

Highly tolerant of all conditions once established.  Adaptable to most well drained soils.  Full sun or part shade.



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