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  • Dietes iridioides
Dietes iridioides

Dietes iridioides

Common Name: Cape Iris, Butterfly Iris, Fortnight Lily, Japanese Iris

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The Cape Iris is a gorgeous clumping evergreen bearing pretty white flowers with yellow stripes and purple centres generously throughout the warmer months. Smaller than her cousin, Grandiflora, the strappy foliage in bright greens fans out from the base attractively. The distinct creamy yellow-violet butterfly flowers are a beautiful garden addition and ideal for use as natural borders, en masse planting, rockeries, steep embankments, landscaping, those hard to grow areas, erosion control and colour contrast.

Growing between 500 - 1000 mm tall and up to 600 mm wide, she is low maintenance and hardy to most conditions... just perfect for tricky environments, including dry creek beds and is a popular choice for erosion control. It can handle wet feet better than most, and is ideal for planting up riverbanks and weed suppression.

Hardy to frost, drought, salt & wind. Most well drained soils, mulch in establishment. Full sun to part shade.


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