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  • Ficus obliqua
Ficus obliqua

Ficus obliqua

Common Name: Small Leafed Fig

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The Small Leafed Fig (or Ficus obliqua if you want to get fancy with it) is a gorgeous evergreen tree that is as popular for outdoor planting as it is for indoor use. This pretty tree is prized for its' glossy green foliage but also bears insignificant flowers and a small, fig-type fruit.

Growing 15 - 20 metres when allowed to soar unchecked, it is more likely to be seen kept compact by training in a pot to stunning effect as an indoor plant or even a bonsai. Ideal for feature planting outdoors, tub planting (whether indoors, patios or outdoors), and bonsai uses. However while one of the best effects for this plant when used as a bonsai variety is the beautiful root system, we recommend not planting near buildings outdoors as the root system can be invasive when left unrestrained.

Moderately tolerant of wind & frost, hardy to drought.  Most soils.  Full sun or part shade.


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