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  • Gardenia augusta Aimee Yoshiba
Gardenia augusta Aimee Yoshiba

Gardenia augusta Aimee Yoshiba

Common Name: Aimee Yoshiba Gardenia

Availabilty: In Stock

The Gardenia augusta Aimee Yoshiba is a hugely popular garden addition. This evergreen never goes out of style with her iconic fragrant double-white flowers in the warmer months. Growing 1.5 to 2 metres tall, plant the stunning Gardenia as a feature, contrast piece, for privacy screening, cut flowers, tub planting or shape for low hedges.

The real selling point for the Gardenia varieties however are the richly scented flowers that can fill your garden with an intoxicatingly sweet fragrance highly attractive to local bird and insect life in the spring and summer months. Shape to create a beautiful low hedge, or feature plant along the house or driveway, no garden is complete without this classic plant.

Moderately frost & wind tolerant; prefers sheltered position.  Most rich, well drained soils; mulch if possible.  Partial shade (ideally with morning sun).


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