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  • Gazania Kiss Frosty Gold (Yellow)
  • Gazania Kiss Frosty Gold (Yellow)
  • Gazania Kiss Frosty Gold (Yellow)
  • Gazania Kiss Frosty Gold (Yellow)
Gazania Kiss Frosty Gold (Yellow)

Gazania Kiss Frosty Gold (Yellow)

Common Name: Gazania Kiss Frosty Gold, Frosty Gold, Gazania Kiss Frosty Yellow

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Gazania otherwise known as Treasure Flower or African Daisy, is one of our most popular groundcovers, and for good reason! This striking sweetie is not only extremely robust but also known for her bright, multi-toned blooms that flower for most of the year. 

The Gazania Kiss Frosty Gold is a clumping variety that has an abundance of beautiful,large bright yellow daisy-like flowers. The 'Frosty' in her name is for the silver-green foliage, that looks as though it has been 'frosted' by a winter's 'kiss'!

This low-growing beauty reaches a height and spread of approximately 200mm, making it an ideal option as a groundcover, border planting and hard-to-grow areas. An added bonus of Gazania plants is that they are great at controlling weeds and are generally pest-free!

Tolerant to many conditions including full sun, drought, coastal conditions, and wind, the lovely Frosty Gold is a must-have for those looking for an attractive and exceptionally low-maintenance garden plant!  

Extremely hardy once established. Full sun. Most well-drained soils. Hardy to wind, salt & drought.

We apologise but this product cannot be sold into South Australia due to quarantine restrictions.



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