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  • Geranium Dark Pink
Geranium Dark Pink

Geranium Dark Pink

Common Name: Dark Pink Geranium

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Geraniums are pretty annuals that bloom almost year round in temperate climates. Striking dark pink blooms flower prolifically, while hairy foliage shows off in bright green tones. Ideal for mixed beds, with other annual blends, they create quite the colourful spectacle. 

Growing 250 -  350 mm high, they are perfect in hanging baskets, mixed beds, borders indoor gardening, and container planting. We recommend planting around 12 inches apart for borders. These low maintenance beauties are lovely indoors, but ensure to offer ample light with indoor placement.

These pretty plants are easy care, but thrive with a little bit of attention, and their ideal location is has differing sun exposure throughout the day: full sun, part shade and full shade. Semi-regular pruning will keep their growth compact and robust. Whilst watering, we recommend avoiding dousing the leaves for extended periods, and instead to aim for their base 

Heat and drought tolerant. Frost sensitive Well drained soils, happiest in moist soil. Full sun to part shade.


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