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  • Grevillea Carpet Layer
Grevillea Carpet Layer

Grevillea Carpet Layer

Common Name: Grevillea hybrid, Carpet Layer

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If the name didn't give you a head's up, the Grevillea Carpet Layer is a stunning and dense evergreen ground-cover (thick enough to be named after a carpet) that grows 200 - 400 mm tall with a 2 - 3 m wide spread. Pretty, dark red-pink-fuchsia toothbrush flowers bloom throughout winter - summer, while the unique- grevillea toothed style leafed foliage is bright to darker green tones.

Quite hardy and easy to care for, it is ideal for use for a dense ground-cover, contrast, mass planting, rockeries, bank planting, tub planting, and erosion prevention. Plant en masse to spectacular effect, the flowers are attractive to bird and insect life. The foliage is also ideal for deterring pests... whilst not thorny, the pointed foliage is prickly to the touch. Highly sought after for native landscapes and planting in masses across large areas to beautiful result. Quick to establish and fill large areas, this easy care, low growing ground-cover keeps the weeds down and looks like a rock-star whilst doing it.

Mildly frost tolerant. Moderately wind tolerant, hardy to drought once established.  Most soils.  Full sun or part shade. Attractive to birds and insects.


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