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  • Grevillea Honey Gem
  • Grevillea Honey Gem
Grevillea Honey Gem

Grevillea Honey Gem

Common Name: Honey Gem Grevillea

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The Honey Gem Grevillea is one of our best sellers. These stunning evergreens grow 3 - 5 metres tall and are iconic as a feature plant. Large, long lasting golden-orange brush flowers bloom throughout most of the year to stunning contrast, only further complimented by the fact that the Grevillea is fast growing and very low maintenance once established.

The flowers are attractive to bird and insect life; utilise the grevillea for tough or hard-to-grow areas, cut flowers or foliage, border planting, screening and feature planting.

Hardy to frost, wind & hardy to drought once established.  Most well drained soils.  Full sun. Attractive to birds and insects.


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