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  • Grevillea hybrid Sunkissed
Grevillea hybrid Sunkissed

Grevillea hybrid Sunkissed

Common Name: Sunkissed Grevillea

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The stunning Sunkissed Grevillea is a compact and low mounding native evergreen. Dainty apricot-yellow flowers form in pretty clusters for much of the year, while fine leafed, oval shaped bright green foliage compliments year round. Grevilleas are iconic for good reason; being low maintenance, hardy, fast growing... this variety is ideal in mass plantings.

This compact groundcover grows 300 mm high and around 75 mm wide, rendering it ideal for mass planting, erosion control, colour contrast, rockeries, native landscaping or container planting. As with most grevilleas, this little pretty is highly attractive to local wildlife, and will fill your garden with the sounds of birdsong. Hardy once established, this variety will cope with clay soils better than other varieties. 

Hardy once established. Well drained soils. Full sun preferred. Attractive to birds and insects.


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