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  • Grevillea John Evans
  • Grevillea John Evans
Grevillea John Evans

Grevillea John Evans

Common Name: John Evans Grevillea

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The John Evans Grevillea is a pretty evergreen shrub that ranges to a small tree, wearing clusters of beautiful small pink-red 'spider' flowers from winter to spring. Hardy to most conditions and ideal for those hard-to-grow areas, there is a big pay off with very little effort, this is the plant that just keeps giving!

Grevilleas are hugely popular with home gardeners or landscapers due to their hardy nature, stunning range of colours, unique flowers and iconic nature. Growing 1 - 1.5 metres tall, John Evans is ideal for native landscaping, cut flowers, winter colour contrast, screening, hedging, tub planting, feature planting, attractive to bird and insect life and quick to establish.

Hardy to frost, wind & hardy to drought once established. Most well drained soils. Full sun. Attractive to birds and insects.



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