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  • Harpullia Pendula
Harpullia Pendula

Harpullia Pendula

Common Name: Tulipwood, Tulip Lancewood

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The Tulipwood tree is a small to medium Australian native evergreen tree hailing from the rainforest. Attractive and light green foliage is glossy with orange-bronze undertones year round. Insignificant cream-green flowers appear in summer that are slightly fragrant, while highly unique bright orange seed pods develop through summer, becoming glossy black seeds in winter. The timber is even used in furniture making!

In the wild it can grow up to 30 metres, but in most locations maximum growth is between 5 - 8 metres tall. This popular guy is loved by councils because of his limited maximum growth and non-invasive root structure. The dense growth creates a great shade tree, hence why this is such a popular street tree. This ornamental is tough, hardy, fast growing, versatile and adaptable; he is tolerant of most conditions and soil types, and quite happy in dry bases. Tulipwood is also super attractive to local bird and insect life. What a winner!

Frost, humidity and drought tolerant. Highly adaptable to most soil types including dry bases. Full sun.


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