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  • Hypoestes Rose
  • Hypoestes Rose
  • Hypoestes Rose
Hypoestes Rose

Hypoestes Rose

Common Name: Hypoestes Rose, Polka Dot Plant

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Well hey there, cutie! Can you spot our Polka Dot Plant? This stunning little evergreen has speckled and spotted brightly coloured foliage, in tones of light and dark rosy pinks and greens. The variegated leaves are speckled, pointed ovals; all to a truly striking result. Small singular pink, purple or red flowers can occur in the warmer months.

Hugely popular as an ornamental house plant, this little spunk grows in a mounded shape and is also happy outdoors in protected and primarily shaded or partially shaded locations. Growing up to 150 mm tall and 350 mm wide, he's perfect for mixed beds, container planting, indoor gardening, and for beautiful colour contrast.

For the best colour, he thrives in lower light indoors, but will get leggier in low light. For compact growth, give a lighter position; ideally offer this cheery little fella indirect, bright light for the best effect.

Humidity hardy, frost sensitive. Most well-drained soils. Part to full shade or indirect, bright light indoors. Can adapt to full sun but may burn. 

You are buying beautiful, happy, sun-hardened (excepting indoor varieties) tubestock with root systems. Tubestock is the youngest plant you can buy, which keeps it affordable (so you can buy more plants *wink*). Please note our infographic included in every plant listing for an indication of sizing. Pictures are examples only, and your stock may be larger or smaller than what is shown.


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