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  • Juniperus Scopulorum
Juniperus Scopulorum

Juniperus Scopulorum

Common Name: Rocky Mountain Juniper, Rocky Mountain Red Cedar, Western Red Cedar, River Juniper, Western Juniper, Colorado Red Cedar, Mountain Red Cedar,

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The gorgeous Rocky Mountain Juniper is a perennial conifer. This graceful ornamental has slightly drooping foliage and the classic conical shape of a conifer. The needle foliage is light to dark green occasionally with a bluish tinge, with pretty white coated needles. Dark blue berry-like cones appear throughout the warmer months and are highly attractive to local wildlife.

If you've got a dry, rocky, hard-to-grow spot in your garden, this little guy is ideal. Rocky Mountain Juniper is highly tolerant of dry soils. Growing 10 - 20 m tall in the wild, this beauty retains a much smaller stature in suburban environments, typically 3 - 4 m tall in cityscapes, or even smaller when kept in a tub. This slow growing conifer is also ideal for bonsai gardening. Plant along borders or fence lines as a windbreak or formal borders, tub planting or bonsai gardening, pop in those hard-to-grow areas, or ideal for coastal planting.

Hardy to drought and salt spray, sensitive to humidity. Tough to most elements once established. Handles very dry, rocky soils. Full sun, part shade.


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