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  • Juniperus taxifolia Lutchuensis
Juniperus taxifolia Lutchuensis

Juniperus taxifolia Lutchuensis

Common Name: Creeping Juniper

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The Creeping Juniper is a gorgeous evergreen grouncover with impressive density. Soft needle-like foliage that is mint-green in colour with silver-grey tones underneath creates a thick and luscious carpet, whilst berry-like green seed cones mature to purple-brown over time. 

Growing 300 mm tall and up to 2 metres wide, Creeping Juniper is low maintenance and hardy to all elements including being ignored *wink*. Ideal for rockeries, planting up banks for erosion control, container planting or allowing to cascade over embankments to spectacular effect. Withstands heavy frost and strong winds and is an ideal weed suppressant along with brilliant erosion control.

Hardy to all environments. Well draining soils. Full sun to part shade preferred, hardy and will tolerate full shade if necessary.


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