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  • Leptospermum polygalifolium
Leptospermum polygalifolium

Leptospermum polygalifolium

Common Name: Yellow Tea Tree, Tantoon, Copper Glow, Jelly Fish

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The Copper Glow is a gorgeous evergreen Australian native that is fast growing and hardy. Attractive arching branches filled with striking copper foliage weep to spectacular effect, while abundant white flowers appear throughout the spring.

Growing 3 metres tall and 2 metres wide, it is ideal for informal hedging, coastal planting, screening/windbreaks or colour contrast for mixed beds. This low maintenance gal is tough to most elements, and also beautiful for cut flowers, bonsai, and effective for erosion control and highly attractive to local wildlife. It's also quite famed for having medicinal purposes, and popular for beekeepers for honey cultivation.

Copper Glow also grows along waterways, so can tolerate wet feet more happily than most varieties. An occasional light pruning will ensure the growth habit stays dense, while the brighter the light the more stunning the colours of the attractive foliage will be.

Tolerant to frost, pollution, salt and drought once established. Most soil types, including damp or clay soils. Full sun, part shade. Attractive to birds and insects. 


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