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  • Lomandra hystrix
  • Lomandra hystrix
  • Lomandra hystrix
Lomandra hystrix

Lomandra hystrix

Common Name: Creek Mat-Rush

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Lomandra hystrix, or the Creek Mat-Rush as it can be more commonly known, is one of our most popular Lomandra varieties. Incredibly low maintenance and thriving in most environments, this little guy is incredibly hardy. Perfect for revegetation, low maintenance gardens, cut flowers, borders, bush scapes and hard-to-grow areas. 

Growing up to 1 metre all around, cream-brown flowers form in clusters on long stems. Plant en masse for an attractive weed control solution, it is fast growing and ideal for erosion control. 

Hardy to frost, drought, wind & salt. Most well drained soils, hardy in arid-wet.  Full sun or part shade.

Lomandra hystrix is better for wet soils or more humid locations, but we recommend considering the Lomandra longifolia for dry soils or conditions.


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