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  • Melaleuca armillaris
Melaleuca armillaris

Melaleuca armillaris

Common Name: Honey Myrtle, Bracelet Honey Myrtle

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Melaleuca armillaris, or the Honey Myrtle, is a hardy evergreen with creamy white bottlebrush flowers on spiked stems that appear from spring through summer. Woody seed capsules follow, and both the flowers and the seeds are highly attractive to bird and insect life.

Growing up to 8 metres tall when left unchecked, the dense foliage and fast-growing nature are ideal utilised as a quick-growing screen plant. This plant can range from a large shrub to a small, weeping tree and is perfect for fast growing screening, natural hedging, windbreaks or used as a feature.

Hardy to all other elements including salt, slightly tolerant to frost.  Most well drained soils.  Full sun or part shade. Attractive to birds & insects.

We apologise, but this product cannot be sold into South Australia due to quarantine restrictions.


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