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  • Melaleuca quinquinervia
  • Melaleuca quinquinervia
Melaleuca quinquinervia

Melaleuca quinquinervia

Common Name: Broad-Leaved Paperbark, Paperbark, Punk Tree, Tea Tree Paperbark

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Melaleuca quinquinervia, or the Broad-Leaved Paperbark as it can be more commonly called, is a small - medium evergreen tree that is well known for its' attractive peeling grey-white-beige papery-bark and the pretty grey-green foliage. Creamy white bottle-brush like flowers appear from late spring to autumn followed by nutty capsule seeds, all of which is highly appealing to native bird and insect life.

Growing between 8 - 15 metres tall it is a well known street tree, due to its' desirable ability to tolerate pollution and fast growth. Also used frequently for lining broad spaces (like streetscapes), specimen planting, screening or native landscaping. This variety is also sought after for bee keepers with prolific pollen production, and the dense growth habit also makes it an effective screen.

Mildly frost tolerant. Wind tolerant, very adaptable to swamp environments including floodplains. Adapts to most soils including overly moist or silty/sandy bases, but prefers a well drained soil. Adapts to Full sun to light shade.

This product cannot be sold into South Australia due to quarantine restrictions.


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