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  • Nerium oleander Splendens
Nerium oleander Splendens

Nerium oleander Splendens

Common Name: Double Pink Oleander

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The Double Pink Oleander is a gorgeous evergreen with glossy foliage, and double dark pink flowers blooming prolifically in warmer months. Ideal for contrast, hedging, borders or feature planting, the Double Cream/Yellow Oleander grows to a maximum of 2 - 3 metres. Oleanders are very drought tolerant, and perfectly suited for those hard-to-grow areas that are exposed to the elements.

You will commonly find Oleanders in median strips or hedges due to their hardy nature, and non-invasive root system. They are a highly popular choice for home gardens, with their ability to brave the elements, and stunning foliage and flowers!

Hardy to drought. Moderately wind & frost tolerant.  Most well drained soils; prefers drier positioning.  Full sun preferred, adapts to part shade.

Please note, Oleanders are poisonous to humans and animals if ingested.

Looking for something a little smaller? Have a look at Nerium Oleander Dwarf Apricot for a more compact variety.

You are buying beautiful, happy, sun-hardened (excepting indoor varieties) tubestock with root systems. Tubestock is the youngest plant you can buy, which keeps it affordable (so you can buy more plants *wink*). Please note our infographic included in every plant listing for an indication of sizing. Pictures are examples only, and your stock may be larger or smaller than what is shown.


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