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  • Peppermint Beadlets
Peppermint Beadlets

Peppermint Beadlets

Common Name: Mentha Pipertia (125 Beadlets per container)

Availabilty: In Stock

125 Beadlets per container


  • Dissolve one beadlet in mouth to freshen breath.
  • Take after meals for a fresh, clean feeling.
  • Have a bottle on hand when travelling for a convenient breath freshener.
  • Provides all the benefits of peppermint essential oil - Convenient beadlets are perfect for travelling and on the go.


  • Consume one beadlet as desired.


Through a unique and exclusive process, doTERRA has captured the unique benefits of Peppermint essential oil in the convenience of a soft vegetarian beadlet. Each tiny beadlet delivers a refreshing burst of Peppermint as it dissolves in your mouth, while invigorating your senses as you breathe in the cooling aroma of pure Peppermint essential oil. More than a breath mint, doTERRA Peppermint beadlets can be used for oral care. They may reduce bad breath and cleanse the palate.


Ingredients: Peppermint Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Agar, Guar Gum, Glycerin, Sodium Alginate, Carrageenan, Xylitol.


Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Store in a cool, dry place.


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