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  • Philodendron Rojo Congo
  • Philodendron Rojo Congo
  • Philodendron Rojo Congo
Philodendron Rojo Congo

Philodendron Rojo Congo

Common Name: Rojo Congo, Red Congo

Availabilty: In Stock

The Rojo Congo is a gorgeous clumping, large leafed evergreen that is highly popular as a houseplant or shaded outdoor variety ideal for tropical settings. Gorgeous luscious green tropical leaves with striking burgundy undersides make this an understated star in your garden or home, while the red thick, fleshy red stems create even more of a spectacle.

Accidental murderer of the plant variety? Well this little guy is low maintenance, tough and hardy compared to many indoor plant varieties. This is the plant that just keeps giving (he's a bit of a show off) as it also purifies the air in your home and is even quick to grow and establish. Growing up to a robust 1.5 metre tall and 1 metre wide, (we told you he's a bit of a show off!), add the wow factor to your environment.

Ideal for understory planting, tropical landscapes, shady areas, indoor gardening, contrast, mixed beds or container planting. The Rojo Congo dislikes direct sunlight. For indoor care, we recommend allowing to dry out between thorough waterings. Twice yearly fertilisation with a gentle, slow release fertiliser should be adequate. Bring the tropics to your home with the showy Rojo Congo!

Humidity loving, cold & frost sensitive, low maintenance. Most well drained soils. Full to part shade outdoors. Prefers bright indirect light indoors, but happily adapts to moderate light areas.

You are buying beautiful, happy, sun-hardened tubestock with root systems. Tubestock is the youngest plant you can buy, which helps to make it so affordable (so you can buy more PLANTS, woohoo!). Please note our infographic included in every plant listing for an indication of what sizing to expect. Photos are examples only, and your stock may be larger or smaller than what is shown.


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