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  • Phoenix roebelenii
  • Phoenix roebelenii
Phoenix roebelenii

Phoenix roebelenii

Common Name: Dwarf Date Palm, Pygmy Date Palm, Miniature Date Palm, Robellini

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The Phoenix roebelenii, or the Dwarf Date Palm as it can be more commonly known, is a gorgeous, compact evergreen palm that is ideally suited for suburban, indoor or limited space landscaping. Small yellow flowers and edible 'drupe' (or small, date-like) fruits appear at differing points throughout the year.

This small to medium sized, slender-trunked tree grows 2 - 3 metres tall and maintains a compact growth habit, rendering it ideal for suburban gardens, feature planting, tropical landscaping, indoor planting, container planting, or lining walkways for tropical appeal. In cooler areas it can be grown as a houseplant, though it prefers bright indoor light.

This pretty palm is also pest resistant and drought tolerant. Hugely popular for indoor planting but equally as happy outdoors in a sunny place, add a gorgeous Dwarf Date Palm to your home or garden today!

Moderately drought tolerant. Sensitive to frost, hardy to humidity. Adaptable to most soils but prefers well draining. Full sun to part shade.


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