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  • Ptychosperma macarthurii
  • Ptychosperma macarthurii
Ptychosperma macarthurii

Ptychosperma macarthurii

Common Name: Macarthur Palm

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The Macarthur Palm is an evergreen palm that is incredibly versatile. Hardy to most elements, it thrives outdoors as well as indoors. Plant it in a tub to keep it smaller, keep it inside for a tropical feel, or plant in borders along the garden or driveway. The beautiful clumping habit results in multiple shoots, creating quite a spectacle, whether indoors or out. They are also one of the smallest palms, rendering it an ideal option for home gardens.

With a maximum height of 6- 12 metres outdoors, (though kept small through tub planting if desired), the Macarther Palm is an elegant and graceful palm... uniquely adaptable to a multitude of environments. Insignificant white flowers bloom almost year round, followed by red berry-seeds that are incredibly attractive to birds.

Moderately wind tolerant, sensitive to frost.  Most moist soils; mulch in Summer. Full sun preferred, adapts to part shade.


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