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  • Stenocarpus sinuatus
Stenocarpus sinuatus

Stenocarpus sinuatus

Common Name: Queensland Firewheel tree, Firewheel tree, Tulip Flower, White Oak, White Silky Oak

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Stenocarpus sinuatus, or the Firewheel tree as it can be more commonly known, is a beautiful, soaring evergreen tree with small fire-truck red flowers arranged in a wheel shape. Growing up to 40 metres tall in its native rainforests, but retaining a much smaller growth habitat in constrained areas, the dark, glossy green foliage paired with the highly unusual flowers through the autumn months make for quite a spectacle. 

Plant as an ornamental feature, security screen or use for beautiful colour contrast or added shade in your garden, this truly unique tree will be a stunning member of the garden as the years go on.

Mildly frost tolerant. Wind hardy.  Prefers rich soil, but will adapt to most well drained soils. Full sun or part shade.


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