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  • Syzygium moorei
Syzygium moorei

Syzygium moorei

Common Name: Watermelon Tree

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Syzygium Moorei or the Watermelon Tree as it is more commonly known is a soaring evergreen that can reach heights of 40 metres. It is an ideal addition to large gardens and parks, the sprawling canopy spreads widely offering shade and tranquility from the heat of the day.

Pink-orange flowers the colour of watermelon flesh bloom in Summer followed by green berries, all of which is a favourite of native birdlife, especially lorikeets. But even though this guy is tall, he's low maintenance, requiring little work if any. A peaceful, yet solid, addition to any landscape.

Frost & wind tolerant.  Most well drained soils. Full sun.

This is a type of Australian "Bush Food" or "Bush Tucker".  The white/pale green berries are edible, but unpleasant to eat raw, and are typically used in mixed preserves.

We apologise, but this product cannot be sold into South Australia due to quarantine restrictions.


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