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  • Syzygium papyraceum
Syzygium papyraceum

Syzygium papyraceum

Common Name: Paperbark Satinash, Satinash, Paperbark, Watergum

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Syzygium papyraceum is a gorgeous evergreen specimen tree. Glossy green foliage and petite brush flowers in pinks and purples that bloom in the warmer months are followed by large, bright purple berries. The berries are eye-catching and also edible, they are an 'Aussie Bush Tucker'.

This attractive shade tree can grow up 15 - 20 metres tall, and the peeling paper-bark is a reddish fawn colour. Ideal for screening, windbreak, hedging, colour contrast  or as a shade tree. Hardy to most environments, the syzygium is low maintenance and easy to care for.

Hardy to frost and wind. Prefers rich, well draining soil. Full sun, part shade.

We apologise, but this product cannot be sold into South Australia due to quarantine restrictions.


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