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  • Tristaniopsis laurina
Tristaniopsis laurina

Tristaniopsis laurina "Kanooka Gum''

Common Name: Kanooka Gum, Water Gum

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The beautiful Kanooka Gum is a compact evergreen tree. This attractive Australian native has smooth bark, that becomes scaly in maturity. Nerium-like green foliage, with bronze-red new growth show off all year round, with yellow-orange clusters of flowers (with an unusual scent) appear profusely through spring and summer that are highly attractive to local bird and insect life.

Ranging from a large shrub to small tree, this low maintenance gal is a slow-moderate grower that reaches heights of 4 - 8 m tall, or 6 m wide. Ideal for street planting, screening, as a shade tree, erosion control, coastal gardens and pollution tolerant as well. Growing down the banks of streams in the wild, Kanooka Gum is happy with very moist but well drained soils. Pruning is optional to maintain a compact shape.

Lightly frost tolerant. Drought resistant. Prefers moist soil bases, but adaptable to most well drained soils. Light shade to full sunlight. Attractive to local insect and bird life.


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