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  • Gordonia axillaris
Gordonia axillaris

Gordonia axillaris

Common Name: Fried Egg Plant

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The Fried Egg Plant is about as unique as it's name. This pretty evergreen wears generous and unusual white, broad flowers with striking crimped petals and brightly contrasting golden stamens, bearing an uncanny resemblance to a ''fried egg'' from late summer to early spring. Especially when the ground below is covered in these pretty blooms as they age and fall off, to an excessively attractive result.

Growing 2 - 5m tall, this beauty is well suited to small gardens or streetscapes due to it's compact size, but still has a BIG impact. Thick, glossy dark foliage serves well as a screen, or they are also gorgeous as a small landscaping tree utilised as a focal point, or a shade tree in the backyard. It can take some time to establish, but once she gets her feet under her, she's a quick grower.

Widely considered as one of the best small trees for Australian conditions, she is low maintenance and easy to maintain, and even relatively pest & disease free! Happy to be shaped a little to maintain your desired size, she's a little more generous with her flowering season than her pretty cousin, the Camellia.

Mildly frost and wind tolerant (protect young plants from frost). Most soils, but prefers a peaty soil that is well mulched with aged mulch. Full sun, partial shade.


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