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  • Zamia furfuracea
Zamia furfuracea

Zamia furfuracea

Common Name: Cardboard Palm

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Commonly known as the Cardboard Palm, Zamia furfuracea, is beautifully suited as a indoor or patio plant. Whilst it is frost and wind tender, in warm, humid areas it can do very well outdoors as well; it is a perfect addition as a outdoor plant-bed filler. Being an evergreen, it thrives all year round, and can grow to 1.2 metres (though can be kept smaller in the right pot if preferred). 

The pretty green foliage is quite unique, having a palm-like appearance, but in actuality is a member of the cycad family. The oval-pointed leaves and infrequent rusty-brown seed cones love sunlight, somehow having an 'ancient' appearance.

Frost & wind tender.  Use good quality potting mix - keep drier. Full sun or good filtered light.


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