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  • 68mm Philodendron Xanadu
  • 68mm Philodendron Xanadu
68mm Philodendron Xanadu

68mm Philodendron Xanadu

Common Name: Xanadu

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Please note: Our 68 mm pots are larger than our 42mm tubes, and therefore incur a different shipping rate. 1- 10 plants is $16.50 shipping. 11 plants to an order value of $199 is $30. Orders $200 and over qualify for free shipping.

Philodendron Xanadu is a gorgeous evergreen, favoured for creating a tropical flair. Large, unusually pink lily flowers bloom on occasion. Xanadu is a fast grower, and perfect for filling plant-beds, median strips or, with a maximum height of 600mm - 1.2 metres, layering/underplanting taller plants. 

Ideal for tub planting (both indoor and outdoor), specimen planting (both indoor and outdoor), contrast, and under-canopy planting. Though Xanadu can adapt to being in open garden settings (particularly in warmer climates) it does prefer a sheltered position to experience the full extent of this beautiful plant. Perfect for more tropical settings, it feels like you're always on holiday with a Xanadu!

Mildly frost & wind tolerant; prefers sheltered position.  Most well drained, rich soils; mulch in Summer. Full sun to dappled shade.


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