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  • Rosmarinus officinalis Blue Lagoon
Rosmarinus officinalis Blue Lagoon

Rosmarinus officinalis Blue Lagoon

Common Name: Blue Lagoon Rosemary

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Blue Lagoon Rosemary is a highly popular addition to home gardens, not only is it fragrant and attractive, easily hedged and utilised, it is also a favoured edible herb commonly used in cooking. Deep blue flowers appear in Winter/Spring, while the fragrant small, leaved foliage is evergreen. Growing to a maximum of 900 mm - 1.2 metres, with a surprising density Blue Lagoon is ideal for hedging.

Hardy to most elements; use for borders, hedging, medicinal application, cooking, rockeries and coastal settings. Rosemary is also suited to drier areas and climates, and the pretty lavender style flowers are highly attractive to birds and insects.

Moderately salt, drought, wind & frost tolerant.  Most well drained soils; mulch in establishment. Full sun preferred, adapts to part shade. Attractive to birds & insects.


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